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MONDELLO Pancakes Filled with fresh, diced apples and prunes
BLACK RIBBON Two scoops of vanilla ice cream on top with boysenberry sauce on top of that!
THE CHAMPION WAFFLE Crowned with strawberries and whipped cream
BILTZES Thre light crepes filled with a delectable blend of both cottege, cheese and creaam chesse
MR.CREAM WAFFLE Two scoops of Vanilla wipped cream and you choice of Caramel sauce OR chocolate syrup!
BLENDER BLASTER CLUB PANCAKE Pancakes, two scarmbled OR fried eggs, and Ham, Sausage or Bacon
BENEDICT EGGS An English muffin topped with Canadian bacon, two poached eggs and then
smothered with rich hollandaise sauce. Served with hash browns. Is Eggs- trodinary !
CHILAQUILES Mexican Classics Chilaquiles! Fried tortilla served with either red or green chili sauce
and refried beans on the side.
RANCHEROS EGGS One tortilla, then two farm fresh, fried eggs air laid on the top and the whole dish is smothered witha mild red sauce.

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